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Pine Drive Vineyards

Our Pine Drive Vineyards are located directly between the Moppa and Ebenezer sub districts along Pine Drive in the Barossa Valley. We call this area Moppa Dunes.

Mappa of Moppa Dunes - Pine Drive Vineyards

Location, Location, Location


We call this area Moppa Dunes as it is  extremely rare and the only area in the Barossa that has extensive sand drift dunes which were deposited over 18,000 years ago during particularly fierce winds that blew during the colder period when more of the coastline was exposed.

Grange Country

Max Schubert (creator of the reknowned Penfolds Grange) spoke in glowing terms of the wines that come from this region and this is supported by current winemakers today.

Many of the vineyards in this sub region make wine that are included in Grange or are of renowned quality.


The 8.5 ha of vineyards are planted out in the following way:

Vineyard 1 – 1.66 ha of Shiraz planted in 1964

Vineyard 2 – 3.07 ha of Shiraz planted in 1990

Vineyard 3 – 1.58 ha of Shiraz planted in 1993

Vineyard 4 – 2.14 ha of Shiraz planted in 2017

All vines are all hand pruned and hand picked.

The vineyard is drip irrigated via water from the dam on the property.

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